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If you find a lower rate, we will match this rate!

Our best rate guarantee ensures that you can only find the best available rate by booking directly through our website. If you happen to locate a better price on another website, based on the same terms and conditions, before booking or within 24 hours after booking, we will match the lower rate.

Of course the best offer must be based on the same conditions (dates of the stay, number of nights, inclusions, category of room, services included…) as the offer you wanted to book or you already booked.

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Why booking directly with us?

  • Best price guarantee
    You will always get the best available rate when you book through our website.
  • No booking fees
    Many sites charge extra fees for online bookings. Not with us !
  • A secure payment
    We take the safety of your information seriously, that’s why we implemented an online payment solution.
  • No third party website, direct handling of your reservation
    This is the guarantee of a closer customer service because there is not third party. Shh, this remains between you & us…
  • Unique offers
    We have special offers that you won't find anywhere else.

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