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About Bora Bora

Just a fifty-minute flight from the capital island of Tahiti, Bora Bora offers the picture perfect vision of paradise.

With a lagoon famed to be one of the most beautiful ones on the planet, and Mount Otemanu majestically rising towards the sky, romantics and artists have laid claim to this island of overpowering beauty. The pearl string like ‘motu’ islets encircle the dazzling lagoon, home to myriads of colorful tropical fish and rays. Bora Bora is love at first sight, and once seen is never forgotten.

From the moment you land on Motu Mute where the airport is located, you will be greeted by the scent of ‘tiare tahiti’ or plumeria flower leis. It is a tradition in the Islands of Tahiti : they welcome with you with flowers !
In Bora Bora, you can decide to be as active as you wish or do nothing at all and just take in the serene beauty of the island. Water is a way of life on the island and activities range from snorkeling tours to beach picnics, scuba diving, jet skiiing, stand up paddle boarding, deep sea fishing, and the popular shark and ray adventure!

Did you know that Bora Bora’s original name was Pora Pora? Pora Pora, meaning "first born," came from legends describing this as the first island to rise when supreme god Taaroa, fished it out of the waters after the mythical creation of Havai'i, now known as Raiatea. Although the first letter "B" does not exist in the Tahitian language, when Captain Cook first heard the name he mistook the softened sound of the Tahitian "P" for "B" and called the island Bola Bola.