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Poe Ura Treatment

polynesian treatment

Discover all of Polynesia in the privacy of our splendid royal suite. Your journey will begin with a body exfoliation with a handcrafted scrub outside under our rain showers. This will be followed by a body mask with fresh Polynesian fruits and a hair mask. We will then escort you to our TAVAI suite to enjoy a fruity snack. You will enjoy a private moment in our hydromassage bath that will prepare you for your traditional 80-minute Polynesian massage: the Taurumi that only the vahine have the secret. You will end with a rejuvenating facial treatment with natural products, one of best kept secret of the Vahine.

Duration : 200 minutes
51 500 Cfp / person

Poe Ura Treatment
Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts

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