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Original Beau'Tea Treatment


This full facial treatment targets the marks of age and allows the skin to »recharge » with intense hydratation.

After a complete cleansing, a fruit enzyme peeling or a scrub with rice powder brings forth a "new skin", while smoothing the skin texture. Dermo-kneading anti-aging can then smooth the areas of the face with lines and wrinkles. The efficiency is increased tenfold with the choreographed movement of the Ridokis, accessories used to stimulate the facial expression zones.  The skin is ready to receive the hydra-plumping mask with pure active collagen. The relaxation is prolonged with a nutri-regenerating massage of hands with an ultra-melting balm. The skin is plumped, like it has been "lifted".

Duration: 75 minutes 
20 500 xpf / person

Original Beau'Tea Treatment
Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts

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