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Te Moana, the Okeanos Pearl Wedding

Looking for something truly unique?

A wedding ceremony on the deluxe solar catamaran Okeanos Pearl will be an amazing eco-conscious option.
Powered by the sun, this jewel of the seas navigates flawlessly with zero emission or noise.
A ceremony with just you, nature’s beautiful elements, and a Master of Ceremony who will seal your love as you exchange vows and rings.

“Happily Ever After” continues with a private lagoon glide and bubbles!

If you wish to have your music playlist for this special moment, please make sure to let our team know!

Exclusively at Le Bora Bora.

Location: On the Okeanos Catamaran

Ceremony on the Okeanos Pearl
Polynesian Master of Ceremony
Wedding certificate
One Bottle of Champagne

1340 € (160 000 xpf) - Taxes Included

Validity: April 1st, 2019 to December 1st, 2019
Ceremonies Rates are per couple
All flower arrangements are subject to changes without prior notice depending on availability of some products
Pictures on this page are noncontractual
All outdoor ceremonies are subject to weather conditions
Taxes and rates are subject to amendment without prior notice

Payment of a 50% deposit for all wedding services 30 days before the ceremony
No cancellation fees until 8 Days before the ceremony
100% cancellation fees from 7 days before the ceremony

CANCELLATION or CHANGES (due to weather conditions)
The day before the Wedding Ceremony until 4:00pm latest: no cancellation fees will apply
The day of the Wedding Ceremony – any cancellation /postponement of a Polynesian Style Wedding will be charged with 15% cancellation fees (Oa’ Oa Wedding) or 25% cancellation fees (Aro Tai and Te Motu Weddings)

More information:

Te Moana, the Okeanos Pearl Wedding
Le Bora Bora by Pearl ResortsTe Moana, the Okeanos Pearl Wedding
Le Bora Bora by Pearl ResortsTe Moana, the Okeanos Pearl Wedding
Le Bora Bora by Pearl Resorts

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